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APS230 Package

Features acording to Vellerman.eu site:

  • 2 input channels
  • high contrast LCD with white backlight
  • full auto set-up for volt/div and time/div
  • recorder roll mode, up to 170h per screen
  • trigger mode: run - normal - once - roll ...
  • adjustable trigger level and slope
  • peak measurements: max, min. and pk to pk
  • measurements: rms, dB(rel), dBV, dBm and dBG
  • Direct Audio power measurements
  • x1 and x10 probe calculation option
  • several display modes
  • StereoScope mode for audio measurement
  • X and Y position shift
  • battery pack included, fast charge possible
  • in the box:
    • RS232 cable (9 pole sub D)
    • 2 Insulated 60MHz X10 measuring probes
    • user manual
    • adaptor (110Vac 60Hz / 230Vac 50Hz)
    • battery pack
    • Advance Personal Scope unit

Specifications acording to Vellerman.eu site:

  • input impedance: 1 Mohm / 20pF
  • bandwidth: 2 x 30MHz
  • sampling: 240MS/s per channel
  • step markers for voltage, time, ...
  • vertical resolution: 8 bit
  • sensitivity: min. 30µV
  • volts per division: 1mV to 20V/div
  • time base: from 25ns to 1 hr/div
  • AC/DC input coupling selection
  • RS232 communication with PC (PCUSB6 for USB connection in option)
  • dimensions: 230 x 150 x 50mm / 9.1 x 5.9 x 2.0"
  • weight: 850g incl. battery

The oscilloscope comes packaged in a cardboard box:

APS230 1 APS230 2 APS230 3

APS230 4 APS230 5 APS230 6

APS230 7 APS230 8 APS230 9

The package content:

APS230 19 APS230 25 APS230 10
APS230 11 APS230 21

Pictures of oscilloscope:

APS230 12 APS230 15 APS230 17

APS230 18 APS230 13 APS230 16

APS230 14

The battery:

APS230 29 APS230 30 APS230 28
After you buy the product, you will have to mount the battery. It has a weird connector and it will take between 20 to 40 minutes to snap that connector into place without doing any damage. You will need to charge the battery, otherwise it will not function properly.

Photos with oscilloscope probes:

APS230 22 APS230 23

Take cake when you follow their advice about the probes: Solution for BNC + probe compatibility. I almost distroy one probe...

Photos with the power supply transformer:

APS230 26 APS230 27

My adapter is for 220V main line. It has few useless adaptors in the package.


The user manual:

APS230 24

The user manual of APS230 Oscilloscope can be found on Vellerman site and APS230.com site.

On the Vellerman USA site you will find the following links:

On the Vellerman EU site you will find the same files:

Of course that you will find software only for windows


The picture below is the APS230 Capture utility 1.0. After you select the baud rate to 57600 and press the connect button, all you can do now is save the images from the scope display. It saves as bmp at 192x128 pixels and each file has 4KB. If you press the send button on the scope twice it will bring a popup window to tell that you didn't save the previous image.

APS230 Screen Capture utility


This is the Bi-directional interface software. I found this software now, after six months... Well, this software gives you a better look af the signal. The main disadvantage is that doesn't show the automated computed values on the screen and from time to time you will have to click Refresh Settings from the View menu. I have to say that is better than nothing :D

APS230 Bi-directional interface software

In the pictures above, channel 1 is the 220Vac main line, and channel 2 is the current (voltage across an 1 ohm rezistor) through an 40W electronic ballast with one fluorescent lamp connected.

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